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Penalties and Attorneys’ Fees for Unreasonable Denial of Benefits

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Injured workers that are unreasonably denied medical and disability benefits by insurance companies can seek substantial penalties from the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission. To do this, injured workers must file their claim and a petition for penalties with the Commission. Injured workers who feel their benefits have been unreasonably withheld by insurance companies should consider

Legal Fees and Costs

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The cost of hiring a lawyer for an Illinois workers' compensation case is entirely set by law. In most cases, attorneys' fees will be equal to 20% of what the attorney recovers in permanent disability benefits. Also, costs and expenses will be deducted from any award or settlement for things like expert opinions, depositions, transcripts, and

Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund

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The Injured Workers' Benefit Fund pays workers' compensation benefits to Illinois workers whose employers have failed to provide insurance coverage as required by law and have failed to pay the benefits owed to them. Uninsured Employers Subject to Penalties and Fines Employers in Illinois are generally required to obtain insurance coverage to pay benefits under

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