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Foot Injuries

InjuryAwardDecisionLaw Firm
Contusion, ulceration, and open wound complications8% loss of foot (13.36 weeks)17 IWCC 332 PDFBaum, Ruffolo & Marzal LTD.
Foot infection, ulceration/abscess with multiple surgeries20% loss of foot (33.4 weeks)17 IWCC 175 PDFKatz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck
Peroneal tendon tear with surgical repair15% loss of foot (25.05 weeks)17 IWCC 94 PDFStrong Law Offices
Posterior talus, calcaneal anterior process, and lateral calcaneal fractures, fusion surgery declined25% loss of foot (41.75 weeks)17 IWCC 342 PDFRidge & Downes
Posterior tibial tendon rupture, surgery declined15% loss of foot (25.05 weeks)17 IWCC 385 PDFTuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer, P.C.

Compare your case to the table of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission decisions below that includes:

  • Injury
  • Award
  • Commission decision link
  • Law firm representing the injured worker

Of course, many more factors go into the final valuation of every case that you can read about here.

Foot injuries may be compensated with the one of the following types of permanent disability benefits:

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