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Leg Injuries

InjuryAwardDecisionLaw Firm
Bilateral degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) aggravation, with arthroscopic and later total knee replacement surgeries40% loss of right leg (86 weeks); 40% loss of left leg (86 weeks)17 IWCC 313 PDFGalanti Law Office, P.C.
Chondral lesion with flaps and medial femoral condyle fraying, with debridement, microfracture, and loose body removal surgery 20% loss of leg (43 weeks)17 IWCC 29 PDFAckerman Law Office
Deep thigh laceration7.5% loss of leg (16.125 weeks)17 IWCC 341 PDFLaw Offices of James P. McHargue
Femoral acetabular impingement with arthroscopic surgery; patellofemoral pain with lateral release surgery; herniated disc with decompression and fusion surgery (L5-S1); 35% loss of person-as-a-whole (175 weeks) (3 injuries not differentiated)16 IWCC 858 PDFRich, Rich & Cooksey, P.C.
Knee sprain and leg contusion2.5% loss of leg (5.375 weeks)17 IWCC 124 PDFRidge & Downes
Knee sprain, cyst secondary to accident12.5% loss of leg (25.625 weeks)17 IWCC 359 PDFTuite Law
Lateral and medial meniscus tear with surgical repair45% loss of person-as-a-whole (loss of trade) (225 weeks)17 IWCC 288 PDFCoven Law Group
Lateral meniscus tear and retropatellar pain syndrome, with arthroscopic repair and later total knee replacement surgeries35% loss of leg (75.25 weeks)17 IWCC 135 PDFCulley, Feist, Kuppart & Taylor
Medial collateral ligament (MCL) strain7.5% loss of leg (16.125 weeks) 17 IWCC 32 PDFHealy Scanlon Law Firm
Medial meniscus tear with arthroscopic, unicompartmental and total knee replacement surgeries45% loss of leg (96.75 weeks)17 IWCC 137 PDFBoshardy Law Office, P.C.
Medial meniscus tear with surgical repair 20% loss of leg (43 weeks)17 IWCC 297 PDFLaw Offices of Charles A. Fanucchi
Medial meniscus tear with surgical repair35.75% loss of person-as-a-whole (178.75 weeks) (loss of trade)17 IWCC 35 PDFRubens and Kress
Medial meniscus tear, with 4 surgeries65% loss of leg (139.75 weeks)17 IWCC 399 PDFLaw Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C.
Meniscus tear with partial meniscectomies; peroneal neuropathy with open decompression surgeryWage differential benefits16 IWCC 859 PDFBowman & Corday
Meniscus tear, contusion, and osteoarthritis aggravation, knee replacement candidate7.5% loss of leg (16.125 weeks) (30% loss minus prior credit of 22.5% settlement)15 IWCC 434 PDFArgionis & Associates
Osteoarthritis aggravation with total knee replacement surgery35% loss of leg (75.25 weeks)17 IWCC 26 PDFShay & Associates
Patellar tendinitis, medial meniscus tear symptoms, bone contusion 12.5% loss of leg (26.875 weeks)17 IWCC 285 PDFSheldon Hodes & Associates
Rectus femoris tear with surgical repair25% loss of leg (53.75 weeks)17 IWCC 11 PDFRich, Rich & Cooksey, P.C.
Skin graft donor site on thigh2.5% loss of leg (5.375 weeks)17 IWCC 154 PDFHannigan & Botha, Ltd.

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Of course, many more factors go into the final valuation of every case that you can read about here.

Leg injuries may be compensated with the one of the following types of permanent disability benefits:

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