Our Settlement and Valuation Guide to Permanent Disability Benefits can help you understand how much your Illinois workers’ compensation claim may be worth.

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Occupational Diseases

InjuryAwardDecisionLaw Firm
Asthma (coal miner)5% loss of person-as-a-whole (25 weeks)17 IWCC 116 PDFCulley & Wissore
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (factory worker)Permanent total disability benefits17 IWCC 99 PDFMarszalek & Marszalek
Coal workers' pneumoconiosisWage differential benefits17 IWCC 36 PDFCulley & Wissore
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis15% loss of person-as-a-whole (75 weeks)17 IWCC 45 PDFCulley & Wissore
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis, asthma, and rhinitis17.5% loss of person-as-a-whole (87.5 weeks)17 IWCC 349 PDFCulley & Wissore
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis, chronic bronchitis, and obstructive lung disease10% loss of person-as-a-whole (50 weeks)17 IWCC 394 PDFCulley & Wissore
Coronary artery disease aggravation, with angiography and stent placements (firefighter)30% loss of person-as-a-whole (150 weeks) (loss of trade)17 IWCC 96 PDFCullen, Haskins, Nicholson & Menchetti

Compare your case to the table of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission decisions below that includes:

  • Injury
  • Award
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  • Law firm representing the injured worker

Of course, many more factors go into the final valuation of every case that you can read about here.

Occupational diseases may be compensated with the one of the following types of permanent disability benefits:

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